Who we are.

A team of I.T. and business professionals who provide solution agnostic advice geared toward your unique business needs and budget. The technology equivalent of a mortgage broker – who instead of helping you select the best bank to acquire a loan, helps you select managed services or software to empower your business.

What we offer.

We specialize in consulting I.T. and business leaders on the latest technology adoption trends which help to reduce cost and optimize employee performance. Quantifying technology risks through spend, cyber security maturity, and data awareness.

Sourcing as a Service

We’ll source your needs by leveraging our robust partner network for fitting your specific business needs within your defined budget.

Cloud Strategy

Reduce risk and adopt a linear cost model by moving resources to the cloud through a lift and shift cloud strategy that we can help construct.

Solution Adoption

We’ll guide you through the solution adoption process by sharing lessons learned from other deployments to ensure your investment is secured.

How to Start.

We prefer you send an email to info@moderntech.group for scheduling an intro call so we can get acquainted with you and your business needs.